A volleyball competition where Brazil has overwhelming dominance

It is not that unusual to see that a country has complete dominance over a particular sports tournament. You can download now 1xBet apk to your Android device to wager on the best volleyball championships from the entire world.

But how to call a tournament where a single team has won 97% of its editions? That’s exactly the case with the Men’s South American Volleyball Championship. Since 1951, 34 editions of the tournament have been celebrated, and 33 of them have been won by Brazil. The 1xBet apk can be downloaded now in order to wager on all editions of this championship from Android tablets and smartphones.

What’s even funnier is that the 1964 edition was the only one that Brazil didn’t win. But this happened because the squad withdrew from the tournament due to non-sporting-related reasons.

a volleyball competition where brazil has overwhelming dominance

The best runner-ups

With such a one-sided tournament, it is better to measure the success of the teams based on how many silver medals they have obtained. Visit now https://1xbet.in/live scoreboard score live ball by ball 1x Bet is featured, where the Brazilian national team and other squads can be followed.

In terms of second-place finishes, the best teams from the Men’s South American Volleyball Championship are:

  • Argentina
  • Venezuela
  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Paraguay

The team that won the only edition not obtained by Brazil was Argentina. A great live scoreboard with ball-by-ball scores can be found at the 1xBet online bookmaker, where the best South American teams are featured.

Some curious statistics

As an example, out of the 34 editions of the tournament, Argentina has participated in 20 finals in total, losing 19 of them and winning only 1. The only team that they were able to defeat in a final match was Venezuela. Fans can find live volleyball match streaming on 1xBet, where this tournament can also be followed and wagered.

Obviously, those 19 Men’s South American Volleyball Championship finals lost by Argentina were against Brazil. This proved the total domination of the latter, however, it also demonstrated that the former was very much ahead of all other teams in the continent.

The case of Venezuela is also quite interesting. They are the third most successful team in the history of the Men’s South American Volleyball Championship. Specifically, they have won 10 silver medals and 12 bronze medals in total.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that Brazil has by far the best national volleyball team in South America. A match streaming of any of its live volleyball contests can be found on 1xBet, where bettors can also make in-play wagers while watching.

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