An In-Depth Look at Some of the Best Chess Moves to Startle Any Opponent

An In-Depth Look at Some of the Best Chess Moves to Startle Any Opponent

Chess is the game of intellectuals; the sooner you introduce a young chap to this game of pure skill, the better. It sparks their brain in a way that is incalculable and has several benefits. It helps their brain function better and develops more constructively in their formative years.

Nowadays, you can play Chess online through your computers and apps that work on every smartphone. It is more accessible and gives you more time to practice your favorite play styles.

Over the years, several new types of plays have been invented that can confound the best of players. Let’s look at some of these moves you can use to catch your opponent off guard and gradually evolve into a better chess player.

Checkmate In Four Moves

In this move, you must checkmate your opponent in four moves and build your gameplay instantly from the start. For this play, move your bishop out from the back row and place it into the second row so that the opponent keeps guessing your moves and is left to wonder what your next move will be. It’ll pressure your opponents and push them into the upwards section since you are playing the game slowly. They will then be provoked to move the knight in C6, trying to make themselves feel more secure as they are unsure about your next play. After this, you have to move into f7 with the queen so that you can grab their pawn with no moves of theirs trying to kill your queen as you will then capture that with your bishop. A well-experienced player might know the move early, so be careful when moving in with your pieces and change accordingly with your opponent’s plays.

Boor Against Slav

This ranks as one of the boldest moves in the game, where you have to risk a lot to get everything correct. You have to be on the side of the white to play this move; this play was invented by Carl Boor and has achieved good status among all people.

For this move, your opponent has to be a Slav player in the d4 position. What is familiar with slav players is that they play games maintaining a firm position so they can slowly move in with their attacks and suppress you. Learn the intricacies of the boor attack, and you will undoubtedly confuse your opponent with your aggression and win the game, so this is you being offensive and going all-out.

Blackburne Shilling Trap

In this move, your opponent has to be a novice so that you can fully use this to the fullest extent and completely demolish their game. First, your opponent has to move their pawn to e5, and you need to respond with a move of your pawn to e4. Then you need to move your knight to C6 and allow the other team to move their bishop to C4. It would help if you pushed your queen out to G5, and the opponent would then be tempted to capture the pawn at your f7. This is the most vital part of the game; if they do not capture your pawns, it is impossible to execute this gameplay. Once you capture their other pawn, they will move their rook to f1. This time you move in on e4 to capture their knight and then make an impossible checkmate on them to defeat them.


This is one of the oldest tricks in the trade, but it indeed comes in handy whenever you are fixing what to do when your king is in trouble. This is the only play in Chess when two pieces move at the same time. The king is made to move two pieces to the left or the right, and the rook moves in front of the king to cover up the space, and in a way, they interchange their positions. Making this move can sometimes confuse the opponent and make them think several times before their next play. You shouldn’t keep this move until the last of the play as it becomes apparent what you are planning, so be wise and use it as a sudden play. The only constraint in this play is that no pieces can lie between the king and the rook when you make a move.

Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack

This attack is popularly named after the famous Aaron Nimzoswitch and Bent Larsen after their styles of play which involved 1.b3 or 2.b3.

With your game, you must push your dark square bishop into the play at b2. This game is suited for the white side as it instantly gives them control over the game. If black is unaware of the technique, they can crumble under the proceeding moves, e5 or Bb2 Nc6. The white must also be careful, as if the black has a better counter, they can invade the opponent’s attack and nullify it, so think and use this strategy.

Final Words

Chess is a beautiful game; the more you play it, the more you understand that there is more than one way to win and get around it. You can invent new tactics, and even after years of existing, something new is always on the horizon. The key to discovering and improving yourself is practice, and the more you play the game, the more you will control your stance and quickly end opponents without their knowledge of you sneaking in on their king. Learn the ones mentioned to add to your artillery and fire them away at every chance you get.

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