How to Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat in 2021?

In this post, i’m going to tell you about how can you delete saved messages on snapchat. As we all know, Snapchat application has acquired massive popularity and craze among the users as this app offers incredible features to all the folks across the world. It is one of the most popular text based messaging application that lets you send snapshots and get instant retorts from your friends and beloved ones. Using this app, the users can easily send instant text messages or send pictures by setting a time limit. After the end of time limit, the message or the picture deleted automatically on the side of the receiver or message recipient. This is one of the major reasons for this app to acquire immense popularity among the users world-wide.

This app also provides some privacy and security features so as to secure your Snapchat account in the best way. But, sometimes, you might have not even checked the received messages. The message vanishes from your inbox without opening it. In such a case, people look for a possibility of deleting the saved messages on Snapchat. Despite unavailability of saving the chat conversations on Snapchat, the users can delete their saved Snapchat messages with much ease. In order to manage your day to day activities on Snapchat, the users need to follow the simple process provided here in this post.

How to Delete Saved Chat Messages on Snapchat?

If you are looking to delete a saved chat conversation on your Snapchat account, we are here to assist you in the best way. Snapchat has provided a simple way to delete the saved conversations on your Snapchat account. But, there is some impediment that encounters at the time of deleting saved chat conversation on your account. Let’s discuss about the snag later. Prior to that, let’s just take a look at the process of deleting saved chat conversations on Snapchat. Here is a step by step procedure to delete your saved chat conversations on your Snapchat. Have a look!

  1. First, go to the page you have saved all your Snapchat chat conversations.
  2. Navigate to Settings on this app that appears on the right corner of your app.
  3. Just tap on the gear-shaped button that appears at the top of your conversations.
  4. You need to click on the tap that says ‘Account Actions.’ It displays slew of options on the screen.
  5. Just look for the option that says ‘Clear Conversations’ on the screen.
  6. It redirects you to a new web page wherein there is a possibility of deleting saved chats.
  7. After unlocking the saved chat conversation, the users can delete it just by tapping on the ‘X’ button.
  8. This completely vanishes or disappear the whole conversation.
  9. You need not have to do this for every single conversation. Instead, just look for the option that says ‘clear all’ on the screen.
  10. Just by clicking on it, the users can completely delete whole conversation log from your Snapchat account.


That’s all! I hope this article may be helpful for you. This is the easy process to delete saved messages on your Snapchat account and If you still have any problem regarding this then please coment below.

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