Top 5 Best Magisk Modules for Battery Backup

If you’ve ever had an Android phone that was running low on battery, then you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there are a ton of great Magisk Modules that can help with this issue.

In this article, I’ll be listing the top 5 best Magisk Modules for battery backup and how they can solve the issue of battery drain.

Best Magisk Modules for Battery Backup

Extreme Battery Saver

Extreme Battery Saver is a Magisk Module that will save the battery of your Android Phone and fix Battery Drain Issues. Extreme Battery Saver is updated regularly and fully compatible with the latest Android 13, so you always have the latest version to ensure your phone always stays at its best.

To use this module, Just download it from the below button and install it through Magisk App, After that Enable your built-in battery saver (standard AOSP battery saver) and Tap the notification that appears to enable the Extreme Battery Saver (your app will be paused).

Disable Unwanted Google Play Services

This is the Magisk Module that disables unwanted Google Play Services services to improve your mobile data, save battery, prevent unwanted app updates and other stuff.

You just have to download this module from the below link and flash this module in the Magisk app, in order to use it.

Flush RAM

Flush RAM is a Magisk Module that Clears RAM app caches, kills all apps, and force-stops all apps to get more free RAM before playing games and also enhance battery life. It is designed for those who want to preserve their devices’ performance, and even if you are not aware of this Magisk module, it can be very helpful in clearing the memory of your android device.

Universal GMS Doze

Universal GMS Doze is a Magisk Module that Patches Google Play services app and its background processes to be able to use battery optimization. It’s also possible to save your apps and data, stop unnecessary work on your device, and get more time and space on your phone to do what you want.


Greenify4Magisk is a Magisk module for Greenify App which intercepts and modifies the Greenify service to make it work as a privileged app. This includes the installation of the Greenify utility on your device. If you want to hibernate faster or want to use a rooted phone, then this module is for you.

It is quite clear from the list above that Magisk Modules are very important for the future of android devices. You might not like the idea of rooting your phone, but this is coming in some way or another. I would say better directly with the help of Magisk modules rather than rooting preventing you to enjoy the best battery backup.

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