How to Convert Blu-ray to Digital with Best Quality in 2024 (3 Proven Ways)

Blu-ray Discs are easily damaged, inconvenient to store, and not easy to play. Converting Blu-rays to digital format allows for easy storage on a computer. Additionally, you can play it with any Blu-ray player and enjoy the theater-like experience at home. For this, this article will introduce you to three methods on how to convert Blu-ray to digital.

Method 1: Convert Blu-ray to Digital in high quality with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is professional Blu-ray ripping software that supports multiple mainstream encoders and over 300 video/audio output formats with device presets.  

It can rip Blu-ray to PC and Mac, and has the ability to rip homemade and commercial discs, allowing decrypting any discs with copy protection. What’s more, it provides 4K resolution and lossless quality with a versatile editing feature that will enable you to rip the clip you want. 

Key features of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper:

  • All Blu-ray video/audio discs, folders, and ISO files are supported.
  • A region-free BD-DVD ripper can remove any DVD/Blu-ray copy protection.
  • 300+ mainstream video/audio output formats are supported covering MP4, MKV, MOV, MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.
  • Keep all audio tracks and subtitles by default.
  • GPU acceleration offering 6X faster speed is available.
  • Enable customization editing.

How to convert Blu-Ray to digital copy with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

After we have a basic understanding of what VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is capable of, let’s have a look at how to use it to rip Blu-ray discs.

Step 1. Load the Blu-ray disc to your computer

Insert the Blu-ray disc into your computer’s optical drive. Launch the program. In the menu, click on the Load Blu-ray option> Load Blu-ray Disc.

Step 2. Choose the Movie You Want to Rip

The program will automatically pick the main movie. Simply click on the Full Movie List option to select the other movie that you want to convert.

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Step 3. Choose the output format

Select the format from the drop menu list of Rip All. You can also click on the movie listed on the right side to open the output window.

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Step 4. Edit the Blu-ray video before start (optional)

If you want to edit the video, simply go back to the main screen. Use the editing tools on the screen to modify the video.

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Step 5. Start to convert

After all that has been done, click on the Rip All button to start the process.

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Method 2: Convert Blu-ray to Digital free with MakeMKV

MakeMKV is a Blu-ray ripper compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This software can rip homemade and unprotected Blu-ray video to MKV format while retaining the tracks, chapters, tempo, and lossless quality. Additionally, It can remove copy protection with AASC and BD+. Currently, it is in beta. That means that it’s currently free without time limitation as long as it is in beta.

However, as the name suggests, it can only support output format as MKV. Other frequently used formats like MAV and MP4 are not supported. Since it can only rip AASC AND BD+ protected Blu-rays, you have limited options for more protected video ripping. And if you want more editing features, MakeMKV is not supported either.

How to convert Blu-Ray to digital with MakeMKV

Here is the guide on how to use MakeMKV to convert your Blu-ray video.

Step 1. Register MakeMKV

Launch MakeMKV. Click on the Help button and paste the registration key from the MakeMKV forum to register MakeMKV.

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Step 2. Load the disc

Insert the Blu-ray disc into your computer’s optical drive. Relaunch the program. Load the disc.

Step 3. Start to convert

On the screen, you can see there are options to keep or not keep the audio track and subtitles. After your decision, you can start to rip the video. 

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Method 3: Convert Blu-ray to Digital in Handbrake

Handbrake is completely free and is compatible with Windows and Mac. It supports output format as MP4, .MKV and WebM while retaining the original quality. It also allows you to compress the format and provide title, chapter, and range options and filters.

However, it can’t rip commercial Blu-ray videos under copy protection. This means you can only rip some homemade or unprotected Blu-ray video/audio.

How to convert Blu-Ray to digital with Handbrake

Follow these steps to convert your Blu-ray video by HandBrake.

Step 1. Choose the output format.

After installing HandBrake, launch the program and insert the disc. Select the output format from the Format box.

Step 2. Edit the video (optional)

You can adjust the video with dimensions, filters, or any other options you want. 

Step 3. Start to convert

After all that is done, you can click on the Start button to begin the process.

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Final Conclusion

Decrypt copy protectionAACS, BD+×
Bypass region codes××
Keep Blu-ray menu××
Add external audio/subtitle tracks×
Edit resolution, bitrate×
Free / PaidFree trial and paid versionCurrently freeFree

In short, to rip Blu-ray discs, all these three are useful. If you only need to rip the MKV format, MakeMKV is a good choice, and If you only need to rip some unprotected Blu-ray discs, Handbrake seems like a consideration. But without a doubt, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is the best in the various supported formats, copy protection decryption, etc. It is an all-in-one solution to meet your various needs. Now, have a free download and try it out!

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