How to Combine Blogging and Essay Writing?

How To Become A Better Essay Writer And A Blogger
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Many college students take on blogging as a hobby or a source of additional income. Blogging has countless benefits: it enhances student creativity, helps them express themselves and become better writers. On the flip side, students have to turn in countless academic essays to excel in class. So, how do you combine online blogging and assignment writing in your life? Today’s article offers a few strategies to make time for writing papers and blog posts.

How to become a better essay writer and a Blogger?

Hire an academic essay writing company

Every student who is short of time will surely benefit from a custom essays writing agency, for example, the online service that can be found at You can purchase an original essay composed by a professional writer in line with your requirements. This will save a lot of time on essay composition, so you could spend more time building your blog. Moreover, if you buy such services, you will gradually become a better writer yourself as you’ll read essays crafted by talented writers and learn from the example.

Develop your writing skills

It takes superior writing skills both to receive high grades for papers and to come up with quality blog posts regularly. To succeed in both activities, you need to build on your writing skills. Start reading more books of different genres, practice writing every day (even if it’s a few lines), and evaluate your past works to understand areas for improvement. Such a scrupulous approach will help you constantly evolve and grow. Some colleges offer writing classes or workshops where a native English expert can guide you along the way, so you might want to seek such opportunities with your institution.

Create a schedule

To stay organized, set up a schedule to plan your daily activities including writing. Allocate time for all activities related to writing an essay: literature research, outlining, writing, and editing. Similarly, plan blogging tasks such as finding sources of inspiration, writing, editing, and promotion of posts. Paper writing is a deadline-driven activity, but blog posts should come out regularly as well. Otherwise, you’re at risk of losing your audience. Take both activities seriously and plan them in advance to keep control over all your writing projects and avoid being overwhelmed.

Read a lot of fiction books

You’ve probably heard that to become a talented writer one should be an avid reader. Reading a lot of fiction books is a must to build on your writing skills. However, simply reading book after books isn’t enough to quickly progress. You also need to analyze the prose of your favorite authors, taking into account their writing tricks and practices. Imitating someone’s writing style is also a helpful technique as it helps you uncover your own writing style in the long run.  You can use many writing styles and techniques from favorite books in all types of writing, including creative essays and blog articles.

Know the difference between an essay and a blog post

A blog post and a paper are different types of writing. Essays relate to academic writing and need to be concise, focused and compose according to a certain structure. Moreover, most essays should be backed up by evidence and mention works of other researchers. Your instructor typically shares writing directions that you should strictly adhere to. On the other hand, a blog post is the form of expressing yourself. You can choose the writing style, format, length and topic that appeals to you (and is potentially interesting for your audience). If academic requirements seem too confusing, consult professional academic writing services company to save your time.

Start an essay writing blog

If you enjoy writing essays, why not start a blog related to it? Your thoughts, ideas and writing samples might be of service for other students who struggle with their essays, research papers and case studies. In this way, you will kill two birds with one stone. You will feel motivated to submit every assignment on time, and will be able to share your experience with different types of assignments, inspiring others to advance their skills.

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