How to Convert iTunes Audio to MP3 (100% Working)

Have you noticed that the music you downloaded from iTunes can only be played on iDevice? This is a result of the M4P format used by iTunes, which prevents songs from working with other music players on your iDevice or other non-Apple devices. Therefore, if you wish to play iTunes songs on other devices, you’ll need to convert iTunes songs to MP3 format. But how? Keep reading for detailed steps and tools!

Can You Convert iTunes Songs to MP3

Apple offers a wide range of applications; each program has unique features while still guaranteeing interoperability. The same is true with iTunes; its songs are kept as M4P, which is unreadable by non-Apple devices and other players. If you want to play music on iTunes on another music player, must first convert your iTunes music to a common format, such as MP3.

In addition, if you listen to songs on iTunes and don’t purchase them, they can only be listened to while the subscription is active. The music cannot be played on any other non-Apple players or devices. More importantly, audio from Apple Music is protected by DRM. If you want to convert songs from Apple Music, you need to remove DRM protection before conversion.

Considering these two barriers, we’ve prepared two different solutions in the following.

Convert Purchased iTunes Tracks to MP3

If you have already purchased a large amount of tracks from iTunes, the purchased files are in M4P format and do not carry DRM protection. If you wish to enjoy them on your local devices in MP3 format, it can be easily achieved by using iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes on your desktop computer. Click “Edit” (Windows) or “iTunes” (Mac), then select “Preferences” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2. In the Preferences box, tab “General“, then click on “Import Settings“.


Step 3. A popup will appear after clicking “Import Settings“, then you can select “MP3 Encoder” on the “Import Using” column. Click “OK” to save your import settings.


Step 4. Choose the music you wish to convert from your iTunes library, then pick “File” from the menu.

Step 5. Select “Convert,” and then choose “Create MP3 Version.” In this way, the music can be converted to MP3 files.


This method is applicable if you already purchased music from iTunes. However, when it comes to unpurchased songs, even Apple Music subscribers are limited due to DRM protection on audio files.

Let’s move on to the next section to see how to convert DRM-protected audio music from iTunes to MP3 format!

Convert DRM-Protected iTunes Audio to MP3

Although you can download Apple Music songs via iTunes, Apple has pretty strict policies on what you can and cannot do with tracks.

Apple Music Restrictions:

  • Downloads are not permanently saved unless you continue to be an Apple Music subscriber
  • Downloads use lossy compression, which lowers the quality of the audio
  • Downloads are limited to playing on iOS devices
  • Downloads are limited to 10,000

It can be seen that even if you have downloaded the songs, enjoying them on other devices can be tricky because they have DRM restrictions. To unlock the DRM and download all of the music from your iTunes library, a professional music converter like MuConvert Apple Music Converter can be of great assistance.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter integrates with the official Apple Music web player, converting Apple Music to MP3 is a quick and easy process. The most significant feature of MuConvert is its ability to remove the Apple Music DRM protection from tracks, albums, playlists, and artists, and then convert them to MP3 format (or any other format you find desirable).

Meanwhile, the software also preserves lossless audio quality and lets you select the output quality of songs, both of which contribute to a convenient and efficient user experience. Not to mention its incredible downloading speed – it can convert songs for you at least 20X faster – which will save you a ton of time.

Let’s see how to convert Apple Music audio to MP3 via MuConvert!

Step 1. Sign in to Apple Music Web Player

Firstly, open MuConvert Apple Music Converter on your computer, then navigate to its integrated Apple Music web player. After logging into your account, you can use the search, streaming, and download functions of the program.


Step 2. Select DRM-Protected Songs to Convert

Search for the songs, albums, or playlists you want to convert. Once you’ve found the ones you want to convert, just click “Add to the conversion list“. The audio files can be automatically added to the conversion list.


Step 3. Select MP3 As Output Format

Check out all the tracks you wish to convert in the conversion list, you can choose MP3 as the output format (or any other format you want) and adjust Bitrate and SampleRate according to your needs.


Step 4. Convert Apple Music to MP3

Fourthly, after you complete the selection process of all the parameters, you can click the “Convert All” button to start the conversion right away. What’s more, you may pause the conversion process by clicking “Stop all” on the upper right side.


Once the conversion procedure is complete, the MP3 audio files that you downloaded can be found on your computer!

Final Word

With the two methods, you can convert tracks that you have previously purchased from or enjoyed on iTunes. For iTunes-purchased songs, use iTunes’s function to convert them. But if you just play the songs, iTunes is not enough to convert songs from Apple Music that you have downloaded in your iTunes library. Instead, you need MuConvert Apple Music Converter to convert these DRM-protected songs. It can remove DRM protection and guarantee a smooth and convenient conversion process. Try the methods to convert the songs and enjoy them on your devices easily!

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