How to Download Music from Amazon to MP3 Player [Newest!]

If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, you already might be a fan of their huge music library, but there is a problem: you can’t download songs from Amazon Music as MP3 offline files saved on your computer or smart device.

This is a major problem for many audiophiles who want to use their MP3 players. Such music players are tuned to professional-grade audio sampling paired with high-end headphones. Having offline music files with high bitrate becomes crucial to optimally perform on such MP3 players. Moreover, users of bad network coverage appreciate offline music streaming or someone with limited cellular data. In all scenarios, if one can download music from Amazon Prime to MP3 player,  they can enjoy an uninterrupted and rich quality music listening experience.

Can You Download Music from Amazon Music to an MP3 Player?

With Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, you can get access to all the music streaming content of the platform along with support of offline downloads. If you are not subscribed to their premium plans then Amazon also gives you the option to purchase and download individual songs from Amazon’s online music store. These downloaded songs are in MP3 format and can be directly transferred to the local storage of any other device, which of course includes MP3 players as well. 

Having said that, some MP3 players come with direct support with the Amazon Music app. So once you subscribe to its paid plan, you can directly listen to Amazon Music on these MP3 players. But If you do not have an MP3 player compatible with the Amazon Music app and are looking for more flexibility by having Amazon music songs as MP3 songs downloaded into your MP3 player, then the recommended solution is to opt for TuneFab Amazon Music Converter which fixes these limitations and simplifies the entire user experience. 

How to Download Amazon Music to Compatible MP3 Player 

For those MP3 players equipped with the Amazon Music app, you can directly download Amazon Music to them. Let’s take an example of Mighty 3, a tiny package with intuitive features and support for offline streaming of Amazon Music. You can easily download songs from Amazon Music to Mighty MP3 player by below steps:

Step1. Head to the Mighty official website and download/install the Mighty Audio app on your smartphone device.

Step 2. After installation, turn on your Mighty 3 player and perform syncing between  the player and Mighty audio app by navigating to the connections interface with the option ‘Amazon Music‘ on the Mighty app.

Step 3. Tap ‘Connect‘ to authorize the Mighty app to access your Amazon Music content and wirelessly sync your favorite Spotify playlists. Once done, you can leave your smartphone and enjoy your music on the Mighty 3 MP3 player. Note that you will need Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited to download your songs with this MP3 player.

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How to Download Amazon Prime Music to Any MP3 Player

The above tutorial requires you to have MP3 players that can install the Amazon Music app, and a subscription to Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited plans. But remember that songs downloaded in this way can only be listened to within the Amazon Music app. If your MP3 player isn’t compatible with the music app, or you want to play Amazon Music songs outside the Amazon Music app, well, to solve both these limitations, we recommend using TuneFab Amazon Music Converter.

Built with convenience in mind, this Amazon music to MP3 converter lets you convert and download Amazon Music tracks and podcasts in several common audio formats. Once downloaded and converted, these tracks are then saved on your computer which can be easily transfered to your MP3 player like a regular audio file. You get an ad-free music listening experience and the flexibility to convert audio files into MP3 format which remains the most common audio file extension. Moreover, the audio quality and file attributes are also guaranteed retained during conversion for a smooth audio listening experience.

  • Transfer of songs from Amazon Music to MP3 players e.g. iPod Touch,iPod Shuffle, Sony Walkman etc.
  • Effortless downloads of Amazon Music tracks as local audio files
  • Convert Amazon tracks into MP3, M4A and other common formats
  • Retention of audio sound quality and file attributes (ID3 and metatags)
  • Offline playback without ads!

Getting started with TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is also very easy. Note that for this, you just need to have a trial version of the Amazon Music streaming service, and a premium subscription is not required for this to work. Follow the below steps to learn how to rip music from Amazon to MP3

Step 1. Install the TuneFab Amazon Music Converter from the official website. Upon launch, click the button “Open the Amazon Music Webplayer”. Login to this webplayer with your Amazon Music account. 


Step 2. Drag any album or song into the conversion panel on the right side of the window indicated with a “+” sign. Upon drag, a popup with message “Please open a playlist, drag your songs here” will appear. Dragging and dropping songs here will automatically put these songs into the conversion queue. 


Step 3. You can either edit audio format and quality from the options in the conversion queue or you can navigate to “menu>preferences” and batch edit audio formats, bitrate and sampling rate of the output files. 


Step 4. Once you have selected your desired preferences, click “convert them all” to start conversion. Upon completion, click “Open Output Folder” to locate your converted Amazon Music files. 


The downloaded and converted soundtracks and podcasts from Amazon Music can now be easily transferred into any MP3 player since these files are now local MP3 files stored on your computer. 

How to Download Purchased Amazon Music to MP3 Player

Aside from being an online music streaming service, Amazon Music is also a well-known music store where one can buy a single track as well. These purchased tracks can be easily downloaded as regular MP3 files and later transferred to MP3 players. If you have purchased soundtracks from Amazon Music then you might be interested in listening to them on your beloved MP3 player. Below we have explained how to download and transfer your purchased content from Amazon Music: 

Download Purchased MP3 Amazon Music with Web Browser

Step 1. First, go to the Amazon Digital Store on your web browser and sign in with your Amazon credentials.

Step 2. Choose any song, album, or playlist to download and click the “Buy MP3 Music”.

Step 3: Once bought, locate the Amazon Music you just bought by clicking “Your Orders” and “Orders”.

Step 4: To download music from Amazon, tap the “Download Music” button.

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Transfer Purchased Amazon Music to MP3 Player

Since you have downloaded your purchased songs from Amazon Music, they can now be easily transferred into your MP3 player by following methods: 

Using Windows Media Player

Step 1: Launch Windows Media Player on your Windows computer and navigate to “File>Add>Add to Library”.

Step 2: Locate the folder on your computer where you downloaded your purchased Amazon MP3 Music, then add it to Windows Media Player.

Step 3: Use a standard USB cable to connect your MP3 player to this Windows computer. Once the connection is established and the MP3 player appears in the player, click the “Sync” option for initial syncing between the two.

Step 4: To add your purchased Amazon Music to the MP3 player, drag the Amazon Music files from the Music folder on the Sync area on the right to add these songs to your MP3 player. 

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Using iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Windows PC. Ensure that your MP3 player is properly connected to the computer with a compatible USB cable. Click the “File>Add File to Library”. 

Step 2: In the file explorer, locate your purchased Amazon Music songs and import them into iTunes by clicking “Open” on the bottom right.

Step 3: In the iTunes window, simply drag and drop these files into the MP3 player icon on the left to sync the files onto your MP3 player (iPod shuffle or iPod Touch). 


Using Windows File Explorer

Step 1: Connect your MP3 player to your PC using a compatible USB cable. Once the computer detects the successful connection of the device, launch File Explorer.

Step 2: On your PC’s hard drive, locate the MP3 files from Amazon Music and copy and paste (or drag/drop) them into the MP3 player’s folder on the left side of the Explorer window.

Step 3: Safely Eject your MP3 player and enjoy your Amazon Music files on your MP3 player. 

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You can easily download purchased songs from Amazon Music and transfer them to your MP3 players, but if you are looking for a more convenient and cheaper solution, then TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is the way to go. With this tool, you can easily rip Amazon Music to DRM-free files, and the ability to download and save Amazon songs as local files on your MP3 player. And on top of that, you get all this without needing to have paid subscriptions. 

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